Cotton 5 Panel Cap Free Sample

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Cotton 5 Panel Cap Free Sample

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Aung Crown started with the inspiration of following the true passion in fashion street culture and supporting all the people who have an emphasis on freedom, adventure, distinctive and striving towards nonconformity.
Our mission is to support all the hat brands growing and become one of the most reliable suppliers in the hat line.
Along with that our vision is to let hats become a media of culture light every corner of the world.
Flexibility is our strength! From designing to shipping, we have big service department to meet urgent needs by adjust all the materials or members for your orders. Warm and pleased service is promise here.
Except 20 super salesmen, we have extra people who check the emails between you and our sales to make sure the communication is efficient and comfortable. Also mouthy training about business attitude for salesman is going here for always.
High quality is our pursuit. Behind this, exported embroidery machine from Korea and high density EVA glue are to make the logo tight, neat and nice in raise effect. Beside most advanced three-dimensional hat-block equipment imported from Korea, which can control the temperature cool down and solid the shape automatically (EX: it can decrease the temperature by 4-8 centigrade in 2 seconds) is to make the hat stand-up in nice shape and fit the head very well.
Customer’s brand is our brand! Here in Aung Crown. Customer’s brand is totally protected full assured.Cotton 5 Panel Cap Free Sample

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